akre the city of Laayoune and waterfalls

Report: Raad Akreyi

the oldest city in history as the first city sprang up from under the sea water receding after millions of years ago, and it is the

largest and most important cultural centers as characterized by the importance of political and commercial centuries in pre-history, and her sons in the door with pride and love for their favorite city (Aqrah ) or Iakry also pointed to one of their names Yasin Khairallah age Musli Mavera from an overabundance of wealth and abundance of water and the beauty of nature

Zab River bordered the north and spend and spend Iamedi Cpqlaop east and judicial Hamdania and Mosul to the south and the river and Khazar Shaykhan district in the west, and the total area (6418) km 2 of any (1,047,622) acres, which was founded eliminate old at the time of the Ottoman Empire in 1877, its township and one of the Iakry large towns in the province.

Has been linked in Dohuk Governorate 15 / 7 / 1992. And appointed the provincial government to eliminate an existing residence began 14 / 2 / 1993, and the city is built along the foot of the mountain range and the role to near the top in sight and is engaging, unique and wonderful that distinguish them from other cities,
And overlooking the valleys Vchristin two orchards in the valley in the eastern waterfall (Saybah), frequented by visitors and vacationers to enjoy the scenery and the delta to the cold weather in summer in addition to the tomb of Sir Majzoub. In the valley north-west of the Casbah-Gailani shrine of Sheikh Abdul Aziz where water and trees, heavy rains and called his name and it meant the total of thousands of Sufi dervishes and for the visit. And expanded the building now and then click above the Dome of the mosque is surmounted by a white

In the eradication find sites sacred shrine, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Kilani and Sheikh Ismail Aluliani, Sheikh Ahmad and Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Badi Surji and elders Kolpka and Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Gailani. Iakry cities age-old and dates back to the Cretaceous period, an era of the beginnings of the emergence of villages and towns. It is believed that Iakry emerged about a year (700 BC) as a settlement and said that it was established was called (Prince Zeid) and named (Iakry) because they were at the time of the Zoroastrians are said to have derived its name from the word Kurdish (Iakr) meaning fire.

In Iakry sites confirming that these important city just before Christmas and beyond, has counted some historians of the country (Prairie) and near the ancient relics show a long history (such as Susa, Sherman, Kndk). And mentioned in the books Albuldanyen Vzla Hamwi in a dictionary of countries (and biting fortress in the mountains of Mosul, its inhabitants are Kurds in Mosul know (Bakr Hamidiya). Son of ether and mentioned in many places, calling a lot of water and the abundance of good works, and the history of the city at the time the Kurdish emir (Issa Hamidi). In the year (528 AH) are owned by Imad Eddin goose Nki acknowledged by Prince (Issa Hamidi), and when it was founded the Emirate of Badinan Iakry were subject to it and a strategic location for them and had one close to the Pasha, or one of his family members. and was sentenced to a family Mircevdina (Ismail Pasha, the last ruler of the second Badinan. and the first of the above-mentioned four (Sultan Hussein is me) in (956 AH).

Aqrah (Erdi Iakri), one of districts in the province of Dohuk and Akre were prior to 1991 belonging to the province of Nineveh, but after the events of the 1991 uprising became Aqrah within the areas of Kurdish influence and which are administratively separate from the province of Nineveh, which was under the authority of the Iraqi government of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and of the Department of Kurdistan Regional Government Akre is located south of latitude 4 | 73 and east longitude 8 | 44. Akre advantage of maintaining the old style of building in


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  1. Why isn’t Akre considered as the other districts in Kurdistan region

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